Australian 20m Two Seat Nationals 2019 (9 Feb-16 Feb 2019)

The Narromine Gliding Club welcomes your entry. We look forward to meeting you and having some great flying over the contest period!

This championship will be verified and scored through the use of IGC approved Flight Recorders. Pilots will be required to download their own files and transmit them to the scorer.

All competing aircraft must be insured for third party with an amount of not less than AUD$1 ,000,000. Any policy that does not include the GFA standard competition endorsement must include the following endorsement:

 "In respect of the aircraft competing in the Two Seat National Gliding Competition at Narromine, 2019, sanctioned by the Gliding Federation of Australia, this insurance is extended to include as jointly insured, the Gliding Federation of Australia, the Narromine Gliding Club and any individual organiser or helper acting in connection with the sanctioned gliding competition.”

I agree to abide by the Competition Rules (including any amendments) and all Local Rules. I/We note in particular that if my/our aircraft does not meet the airworthiness requirements of these rules, entry application may be rejected. I agree to waive all claims against the Gliding Federation of Australia, the Narromine Gliding Club Inc. and any person/s assisting in the organisation and running of the competition (including matters ancillary to the competition) for any personal or property damage or loss whatsoever.

All entrants should ensure that they have read and comply with the latest version of the “Australian National Gliding Championships Competition Rules” available on the GFA Website.

Entry Fee of $365.00 is payable to the Narromine Gliding Club.

ANZ Bank

BSB:  012 765

Account:  4986 50106

Account name:  Narromine Gliding Club Inc.

Email confirmation of EFT payment with your name and details to:

There is no late fee for entries.